How Ukrainians are crowd-sourcing their country

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Katya Gorchinskaya

Ukraine might one day be called the first crowd-sourced country in the world. Even though the state appeared 24 years ago and developed a lot of institutions, they have been growing more dysfunctional as elites got more detached and redistribution of wealth and rights more unfair.

It took Ukrainians two revolutions in a single decade to get the point: the only way to change things is through participating. This is one of the key ideas that drove the EuroMaidan revolution, which ousted corrupt president with near-dictatorial powers in February 2014. The idea lives on despite Russia’s best effort to discredit it by force, political pressure and concomitant economic problems. David Kiziriya, a member of the Georgian expert group in Ukraine, who has worked to create a brand-new National Anti-corruption Bureau, says that Ukraine is now “an open-source country”.

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published 29 May 2015: Democracy, EU, Europe, Russia

Will Ukraine have Maidan – 3 ?

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By Katya Gorchinskaya

Oleksandr Lytvynenko, deputy head of the National Security and Defense Council, says that for several thousand people in Ukraine who make up the political elite, it’s mostly business as usual. “Ukraine’s political elite lives in an Eden. The shock of Maidan was not enough to become the original sin” and shake them out of a blissful life, says Lytvynenko.

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published 24 December 2014: Democracy, Economics, EU, Europe, Reform