Putin’s “Gift” to Ukraine: Free And Fair Elections

The Editors:

Ukraine’s October 26 elections were the freest and fairest in the country’s history. They also resulted in the most pro-Western and pro-European Rada in the country’s history. One might be forgiven for concluding from these two statements that there has been a sea-change in Ukrainian attitudes over the last year toward Europe on the one hand and toward Russia on the other. And that would by and large be right. Think of it as Vladimir Putin’s gift to the Ukrainians people. His war of aggression against Ukraine has made the country more unified, more Ukrainian, and more western. When we say that Putin might be a clever tactician but is a failed strategist, this is what we mean. He may have gained Crimea and parts of the Donbas but he has lost Ukraine. Not a particularly good outcome for Russia. But it is also true that the scale of the victory can also be easily overstated.

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published 6 November 2014: Democracy, Elections

Ukrainian elections as a prologue for an economic miracle

Guest Contributor:

Ostap Semerak, Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

The Ukrainian parliamentary elections are over and now the country has entered the stage of a new coalition formation. The historic progress of our state depends on what the composition of the new coalition and the new Government. Personally, I hope that in several years we will see Ukraine emerge as an Eastern European “economic tiger,” which will be able to qualify in the near future for full membership in both the European Union and NATO.

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published 6 November 2014: Economics, Elections

Election over, now reforms?

Guest Contributor:

Olena Tregub

After the two decades of lost opportunities, the Maidan revolution was expected to kick-start Ukraine’s transformation from a post-Soviet country into a European one. Moreover, Ukraine’s failing economy was in dire need of quick and painful surgery. As both society and observers were getting frustrated with the lack of decisive steps in that direction by the Ukraine’s authorities, they were asked to wait until the October parliamentary election.

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published 6 November 2014: Elections, Reform