Why Many Young Russians See a Hero in Putin

ACEU Staff:

Today 58 percent of Russians would still like to see a return of the Soviet order, and some 40 percent see Stalin favorably. Russians between the ages of 18 and 24 approve of Putin at a higher rate than any other age group: 88 percent. More than any other generation, they are proud of their country and its stature in the world, associate its military prowess with greatness, and believe in its future.Sixty-five percent of Russians between ages 18 and 24 plan their lives no more than a year or two ahead, according to the Levada Center. Most don’t know about news events the state doesn’t want them to know about, and 83 percent say they have not participated in any kind of political or civil society activity.
“It’s better to know and be quiet. It’s better not to speak up.

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published 29 November 2016: News Summaries